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Jessica Jimenez is a fast-rising songstress representing the beautiful city of Denver ,Colorado currently where she’s popularly known for her ground-breaking chill, relaxing, slightly dark, sultry vibes.Jessica is deeply influenced by all genres of music, but her love for contemporary R&B outshines it all. In 2021 she Released her first EP .Bonnie and Clyde The development of her unique style of music is the result of a lifetime of musical influence.As a songwriter, she’s bent on creating lyrics that are highly relatable and truly moving to her listeners. One of the major highlights of her musical career is getting her song “That’s Her” played on Colorado’s own Hot 107.1 in 2017.


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 smooth R&B sounds that capture effortlessly the genre. There’s enough variety in the production to keep everyone’s interest.

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She Bloggin

Sultry and classy new single ‘Handouts’ makes its way to the masses from R&B artist Jessica Jiminez

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Music Trails

Jessica Jimenez is a singer-songwriter from Denver Colorado creating her own music within the popular Pop and R&B genres. The majority of her time is spent with herself as she writes lines of inspiration as well as spending time in the recording studio focused on using her creativity to create the most relatable and enjoyable songs possible. She’s

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Local 303

“That's Her” was released in 2017, and launched her career in her hometown. The song gained traction and saw streaming success as well as local airplay on 107.1. She had her first live performance in Denver later that year at The Roxy Theater.

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Drawing from the deep and refine wells  of  contemporary r&b both particularly familiar and utterly original - combining dreamy harmonic instruments with emotionally charged vocal inflections

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Unapologetically authentic and genuinely original making stupendous, gentle,smooth,modera

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UK Camden Monthly

Jessica Jimenez is a singer and songwriter who is certainly on way up. We decided to catch up with her for an interview with Camden Monthly.

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Hollywood Diggest

The groove heavy “Girlfriend” from Colorado’s Jessica Jimenez is the sultry hit of the spring.

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Smoked out Radio

Sultry and classy new single ‘Handouts’ makes its way to the masses from R&B artist Jessica Jiminez

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Hot Sounds in the City

  I was feeling upset and sad because I had high hopes. But in the end I put that all on me and in the song.


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